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Bancông serves up Hanoi’s must-try specialty food and drinks, from the iconic egg coffee to sizzling bowls of bun cha. Our name means balcony in Vietnamese, paying homage to the large outdoor spaces in our restored French colonial townhouse. At Bancong you can tuck into the drinks and dishes that make Hanoi a foody favorite with elevated views of the city’s fabled Old Quarter. We’re confident that you’ll fall in love with this storied heritage house – just like we did.

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The house that hosts Bancông was built in the 1930s by a wealthy Vietnamese merchant. Inspired by vanguard architecture from Europe and the United States, he commissioned an Art Deco design with broad balconies and large windows to allow plenty of natural light. Our name “Bancông” comes from the French balcon, meaning balcony, and you’ll find plenty of these outdoor corners across the four floors.


After the war, the structure lay derelict for decades and fell into disrepair. In 2019, we restored the house and launched our café and restaurant. We retained as much of the original structure as possible and stripped back insensitive extensions and repairs made by the previous owners. If you look carefully, you’ll see various period features, from patterned floor tiles to circular porthole windows.



We serve up local food and drink in one of the Hanoi's most alluring heritage houses. Vietnam is striding boldly into the future, but we believe in the traditions of our cuisine and the legacy of our architecture. That’s why we restored our century-old Art Deco townhouse to reflect Hanoi’s vintage atmosphere and crafted a menu of our favorite dishes. But don’t worry – we have Western coffee and comfort food too!

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