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Pre-wedding party for young couple

The pre-wedding party at the restaurant is the current trend chosen by many couples, not only because of the affordable price but also because of the sentimental ambiance the party creates. Mr. Hoang Tuan - Ms. Thanh Ha has always kept significant recollections of the couple in BanCông. Following a beautiful proposal in the restaurant's flower yard, they chose BanCông as the location for their pre-wedding celebration. There were 30 guests, all of whom were close friends of the couple, and the event was hosted in the elegant and quiet third-floor space.

Pink-Purple tones are chosen by the bride-groom as the main color of the party.

Dining table set up for the evening

Welcome drinks for party guests including cake, fruit, and mulled-wine (hot wine)

The flower basket on the table is suitable for the concept

The bride and groom take photos before the dinner party starts

Romantic fresh flower garden Let's the party get started...

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