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wine tasting: Taste of the world

Old world wines and New world wines? What distinguishes Old World Wine from New World Wine? How does wine alter as it travels through different "worlds"?

BanCông Restaurant would like to extend the most respectful invitation to you for a tasting experience of wines from those two "worlds" and let's wait and see what emotions these flavors will take us through!

On the third floor of the restaurant, a welcoming party was hosted in the hopes of showing appreciation to devoted patrons who share the same unending passion for wine.

With more than eight wines expertly chosen from BanCông’s wine menu, attendees feel like they are taking a very luxurious tour around the world. Wine bottles originating from Italy, France, and Chile combined with special canape cuisine prepared by Chef Balcony, all create a harmonious, but equally interesting whole.

Menu Wine Tasting BC

1/ Belstar Bissol : mixed nachos, khoai môn, khoai lang

2/ Calitera Sauvignon blanc : tartare 2 salmons ( smoked & raw)

3/ Beau Rivage : mini bánh mì que "pate cột điện"

4/ Chateau Haut Madrac : ức vịt ướp mật ong áp chảo

5/ Banrock station shiraz cabernet : cừu xiên que nướng Ức vị & cừu sẽ được pv cùng với Ratatouille ( rau củ hầm kiểu địa trung hải)

6/ Due Palme Canonico : pasta & parma ham salad

7/ Carmen grand reserva : cheese :(cheddar, gouda, blue cheese)

8/ Banrock station white moscato : fruits skewers

Some activities during the Wine Tasting

Gifts for our lovely customer.

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