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Mid-autumn festival

Mid-Autumn Festival as the beauty of Asian culture, is traditionally held on the full moon day of August, according to the lunar calendar every year, at the time when the moon is in its brightest and roundest state.

In everyone's memory, Mid-Autumn Festival is like a Neverland filled with all the joyful memories of our childhood, it is no coincidence that people also call this day Children's Day. Children appreciate the chance to join together on this unique occasion, where they sing together and take part in a parade of brilliant star-shaped lanterns while enjoying the autumnal delights under the dazzling full moon.

Children aren't the only ones who enjoy this Full Moon Festival; adults also find it amusing to see kids have fun and hear them giggle as if their troubles in life have been washed away. This year's moon season, BanCông will continue to select the most traditional specialties, such as mooncake and lotus tea, but it is impossible to resist a contemporary twist.

Lotus tea is cooked with fragrant sticky rice leaves, and ripe lotus seeds, with fragrant and cool lotus flavor, eaten with traditional stewed longan with lotus seeds, a famous sweet soup throughout 36 streets of Hanoi for a long time.

To enjoy many flavors of Mooncakes, the size has been reduced to a pretty small size, fully fit in the palm of your hand. The cake flavors are also innovated to be more diverse according to the trend: Japanese matcha green tea with salted egg lava filling, red velvet with black sesame, bamboo charcoal cake, and salted egg with mixed flavor.

The girls always like and select BanCông as a shooting location with tea and mooncakes for the mid- autumn festival shooting concept.

What could be more beautiful than a Hanoi-style space, next to a lotus vase full of summer repercussions left over with a cup of tea and mooncakes, women often choose to wear a camisole or ao dai to enhance their elegance and feminine charm. Let’s have a cup of tea and watch the moon rise!

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