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Orange pre-wedding party

Love is the greatest test of time, marriage is not the destination, but the completeness after the word "marriage" is what needs to strive for together. BanCông always tries its best to bring customers the best experience in each wedding party selected to be held here. The bride-groom will be informed consulted and regarding the price, meal, and entertainment while planning a medium-sized wedding party to fit the budget but still guaranteed to create the coziest and most formal atmosphere criteria.

The cost of decoration ranges from only 3 million, the food will also be consulted by us to be able to match the customer's finances, this will be the ideal location for couples who want to host a small-scale wedding party that is yet very memorable, meaningful and still maintain the necessary solemnity.

The venue offers projectors and speakers to heighten the emotional impact of the wedding scenario.

Be happy for ever after ^^

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